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Why Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertops offer a distinctive feel and are resistant to just about anything.

Stainless has a non-porous surface which means that bacteria, mold, and other germs don’t stand a chance of penetrating it's hard surface. As strong as stainless steel is it is not impervious to rust and surface stains. Maintenance is required especially in wet areas to keep the tops looking good.

Stainless Steel Joe has done hundreds of countertops, all shapes and sizes, residential & commercial. Countertops made from decorative stamped metals to counters with custom designs like fish or swirls. 

Welded Sinks


We have standard sink sizes that we can weld into any countertop or we can weld your sink into the countertop. Minimum 16 gauge thickness for welded in sinks. 

Edge profile: 

Straight edge, marine edge, or rounded bullnose. We do have different edge profiles with some limitations on sizes due to tooling.

Back splash: 

We can add a separate backsplash or bend the back splash right into the countertop. 

Plywood or Composite Backing

Counter tops typically sit flush on top of the cabinet base so the drawers open smoothly.

We add a double layer of plywood or composite foam to the bottom of the counter so it has a firm backing. 

Metal Support:

In conditions where there is a lot of moisture we can replace the wood backer with stainless steel or galvanized supports firming up the countertop. 


We can butt 2 sections of counters together making one long counter or we can weld and buff seams together.  

Scratches / Dents

The only drawback to Stainless Steel Countertops is they will scratch with regular use and may dent if you use a lower Gauge material. We always recommend using a 14 Gauge thick stainless with a solid backer.

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