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Bar & Restaurant 

Stainless Steel Joe offers specialty metal services to bars, restaurants, Specialty markets, & wholesale clubs. Our biggest customers are, Costco & Whole Foods Markets throughout the South East. We also work with local restaurants & Bar owners maintaining and improving their establishments. New or remodel we have the experience.

Specialty Metals typically include

Equipment Covers Wall Caps

Corner Guards Stainless wall panel

Bollard covers Equipment Modification

Column Covers Countertops   

Health inspections vary per state and county so we know the punch list is important. We are not limited to fabricating whatever is needed to pass inspections.        

We also have had the opportunity to transform several restaurant-bars into industrial looking settings by adding metal art, steel fixtures, and steel trim. Our biggest job was transforming the Mint, a 3,500 sq ft 5 star restaurant into the Bolt, a boiler room industrial eatery in Raleigh N.C.   

We do our part in supporting builders and architects on construction projects understanding changes are made quickly and timing is key.  


Bar Countertops
Removable Bar Countertops
Stainless Window Frame
Steel Table Frames
Dish Sink Window Frame
Fire Pit Round Stainless Cover
Wall Caps
Wall Caps
Hood Covers
Equipment Covers
Refrigeration Line Covers
Mop Sink Trim
Custom Made Equipment Hooks
Beer Tap Wall
Themed Spaces
Menu Holder
Themed Spaces
Stainless Door Frame
Countertop with Frame
Themed Spaces
Themed Spaces
Drip Pan
Themed Spaces
Corner Guards
Bar Front
Column Covers
Wall Panels
Stainless Trash Compactor Wall
Column Covers