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Metal art is something that is really fun and evolves from an idea into something beautiful.

All of my commissioned metal art is custom and designed specifically to my customer’s request. Other custom metal work I have completed such as, themed garden designs, Hotel art work, and laser cut pieces, can be reproduced.

I make all of my art pieces to scale so turning a two foot sculpture into a ten foot sculpture is not a problem. While in North Carolina I had the opportunity to work with several metal artists like, Timothy Werrell who enhanced my knowledge and ability to scale and design more sphere shaped metal sculptures. I also like using white light against the stainless steel because it reflects well.   

We do whole renovations on commercial and residential spaces transforming them using decorative metals and custom metal art. Every metal art piece is designed from scratch with the owners input every step of the way. 

Some of our metal art work is on display in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, N.C. one of the bigger remodels was the Mint Restaurant which is now the Bolt Restaurant and bar, located at 219 Fayetteville St. The Bolt project started with demolition of the Mint restaurant which was a 5 star restaurant, then transforming the space into the decorative industrial space it is today. We have several other restaurants and spaces we have transformed using decorative metal.