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Why Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Durable and resilient to almost anything

Not only are Stainless Steel counter Tops aesthetically pleasing they’re resistant to water, heat, stains and just about anything. Stainless steel has a non-porous surface, which means that no type of liquid or substance can penetrate into the material. Bacteria, mold and other germs don’t stand a chance with stainless steel.

Perfect for contemporary kitchens

Stainless Steal Counter Tops offer a distinctive feel and look that blends perfectly into modern contemporary kitchens. From a sleek and shiny look to a more radical decorative design, we  can transform any space with many options of decorative metals.

Scratches / Dents

The only drawback to Stainless Steel Counter Tops is they will scratch with regular use and they may dent depending if you use a thinner Gage material and  poor backing behind the stainless. 
At Stainless Steel Joe we always recomend a 14 Gage Stainless Steel Counter Top with a solid backer.

Stainless Steel Joe Designs and installs commercial and residential counter tops typically made from 304 grade stainless steel or 316 grade stainless steel which is typically used in labs and clean rooms.


Welded-in Sinks

We can custom make sinks of any size with different edge profiles. We can also make your counter top to fit a separate under-mount sink or a drop-in sink. 

Edge profile: 

Straight edge, marine edge, or rounded bull-nose. We do have some limitations on edge profiles due to tooling sizes.

Back splash: 

We can add a separate back splash or bend the back splash right into the counter top. 

Plywood Substrate

With the new designer cabinets most counters sit flush on top of the cabinet base so the drawers can open smoothly If your counter tops need to sit flush we typically add 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood substrate to the bottom of the counter top. 

Metal Support:

In sanitary conditions we typically add stainless steel or galvanized supports to the bottom side of the counter top. 


We are a mobile welding service so we can weld and buff seams where needed or we can butt 2 sections of counters together making one long counter top.


If you have a design you can email it to us for pricing at