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The Plane

Stainless Steel Joe was cutting a wall panel in a restaurant one day when he was approached by the owner asking if he could cut a plane up as easy as he was cutting the stainless steel.


After a long laugh and a sure I can I found myself 3 months later at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport cutting apart a twin Cessna airplane, removing the wings, the tail and the engines. I will say this, jet fuel burns through face shields and skin. yes that's me in the picture below calling the dermatologist. 

The fuselage was transported to the owners property and turned into a guest house. The tail and wings were cut using a 6" grinder with an aluminum cutting blade and a 16" aluminum cutting blade was used for the bigger cross sections.

We are used to working with out of the ordinary projects like this. After working in the ship building industry you look at things differently when it comes to size and logistics.