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Geisha Railing

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Countertops - Bar Tops - Commercial & Residential

Wall Cladding - Backsplash - Decorative Metals


Metal Art - Public & Private

Welding - Stainless steel & Steel


Buffing - Scratch & Rust Removal on Stainless Steel

Cat Railing
Cat Railing
Trellis Design
Wine Room Wall
TV Frame
Sink Skirt

Stainless Steel Joe provides a wide range of metal working services and a lifetime of experience in welding and fabrication.

We work closely with Builders, Designers, Architects, and homeowners covering every detail, always clean and responsive to you and your project.

Communication and timing are key to our success, we always provide a written estimate outlining materials, labor, and time needed to complete the job.


We are fully licensed and Insured to handle big construction projects or small unique jobs. We offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to decorative metals and design features. We work with other experienced artists in custom paint and glass completing projects as a team.   

We have access to lasers for detailed jobs requiring precision and the ability to fabricate large orders. 

We also do full scale public and private art projects. Our Artistic themed hand railings  are our most recent work. These handrails are all formed by hand using stainless steel round bar & plate. We use acrylic inlays to add the color then complete the railing with a marine grade powder coating.    

We stand behind our work and offer a solution orientated approach to every project. 


Service Area Not Limited For Larger Jobs
Broward - Dade - Palm Beach

Laser Cutting
Cat Railing
Curtain Rod
Curtain Rod
Hand Made Flowers
Door Cladding
Column Covers
Monitor Frame
Column Covers
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